Cave Worms

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Cave Worms
Cave Worm from Martian Dreams manual
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

The Cave Worm of Mars is truly a disgusting creature. This absolutely featureless worm waits in the dark mine, giving off a light glow to attract prey. Once it spots a target, it shoots off spikes or tries to grab the victim with its tentacles to melt it with acid. However, they are easy to deal with, if the adventurer is careful enough and kills them from afar with projectile weapons.

Cave worms are usually found within dark caves on Mars.


Unlike its distant relative, the extinct canal worm, cave worms are quite real and quite deadly. These glowing shelled cave dwellers can grow to lengths up to ten feet, but a spitting attack makes them a threat at far greater distances. Once prey comes within reach, a cave worm uses grasping tentacles to squeeze the life from its victims. Like many Martian creatures, the cave worm secretes a burning acid through its skin. Victims are, in essence, rendered down to liquid which the mouthless worm absorbs through its skin.

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