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A bull harasses Terrin in Ultima IV
Only appearance: Ultima IV

A bull is a male bovine which has not been castrated. More muscular and aggressive than females of its species, these animals may prove violent and territorial if approached incautiously. They appear only in Ultima IV.


Baratarian fighting bulls were mentioned as having been instrumental to Mondain's endeavors to produce minotaurs in the early Age of Darkness, although the Stranger did not appear to encounter such creatures while traversing Sosaria at that time.

Later, after the christening of Britannia and the establishment of the virtues, bulls became a somewhat common sight in the townes and settlements of the era. During their quest toward Avatarhood, the wandering hero could find such animals in Skara Brae, Paws and Trinsic - in the latter towne, the child Terrin could be found cowering from one such bull.

One of two bulls found in Skara Brae.
A pair of bulls in a pen in Paws.

Notable Examples[edit]

  • Ol' Red Eye: a violent bull in Paws who will attack those drawing near it.[1]

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