Bugs in The Ultima 6 Project

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This is an Ultima 6 Project-related article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima VI or other Ultima games.

Like all games, the Ultima 6 Project has its share of bugs, despite the programmers trying to get rid of all of them for 1.1. Some are the fault of the Dungeon Siege engine.

The Bugs[edit]

  • Magic Bows can glitch when firing one at a powder keg, resulting in the bow still having its shooting animation, but no longer firing arrows. This broken bow is then useless and can only be sold and replaced with a new one. Therefore, powder kegs should always be shot with a normal bow.
  • The Dungeon Siege engine re-shuffles the inventory after each teleport. This can cause big objects, like the parts for the balloon, in a crowded inventory to seemingly get lost. However, emptying the inventory and then re-sorting it with the fitting button often (but not always) makes the item re-appear.
  • When using the spell Pickpocket on a character, if said character has more than one of an item, if one of the items is stole, the other item of the same type vanishes from their inventory. Tested with Phoenix, who has more than one Glass Sword and pickpocketing one causes the others to disappear. Killing the characted makes the vanished items reappear.
  • Using a knowledge scroll from inventory closes the inventory. If you immediately open your inventory, you can seen your knowledge scroll appear for a few seconds before disappearing. If you grab and move the knowledge scroll before it disappears, you can learn the new magic spell without losing the scroll. However, trying to sell these ghost-scrolls at a vendor will crash the game outright.