Brain Creatures

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Brain Creatures
Brain Creature, screenshot from Ultima Underworld II
Only appearance: Underworld II

Brain Creatures are an alien species that appears to be native to the Ethereal Void. They appear in Ultima Underworld II.


Little is known about these strange and grotesque beasts. Composed of little more than a large floating brain, a pair of eyes, and a long appendage similar in shape to a spinal cord, these beings appear to interact with their environment primarily through their psychic abilities. They regularly assault their prey with a barrage of psionic attacks, causing hallucinations and a loss of vitality in their victims.

Brain creatures explode spectacularly when slain, leaving naught behind of their bodies save for their eyes. Some travellers from other planes prize these eyes highly and seek them out for purposes unknown - possibly making use of the organs either as foodstuffs or magical reagents.


Hovering cortexes, dangling their spinal cords beneath them. One rarely sees them before they attack, and then 'tis too late - shapes and colors bend, and distort and madness soon follows.

Notable Examples[edit]

  • The Engines of Killorn: In Ultima Underworld II, the citadel of Killorn Keep is held aloft by the psychic powers of two ancient brain creatures. Should their concentration ever falter, it would cause the keep to crash into the desert below.[1]


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