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Alphadon from Savage Empire manual
Only appearance: Savage Empire

Alphadons are three-foot long, primitive mammals living in the valley of Eodon. They are not unlike the common canal rat, only much bigger. One of them alone isn't much of a threat to an adventurer. However, should they attack in big packs, the situation can become critical very fast.

Therefore, it is better to flee from big packs of Alphadons.


Alphadon. Order Pantotheria. This primitive mammal dates to the late Cretaceous period (around 65 million years ago). It is best thought of as a three foot - long marsupial superficially resembling an opossum. In the valley of Eodon, they occupy the ecological niche elsewhere taken by modern rats. They are clever omnivores, capable (via gripping feet and prehensile tails) of living in trees, and can be quite dangerous in packs.

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