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Agro-Bot from Martian Dreams manual
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

Agro-Bots are huge, heavily-armoured machines once invented by the Martians of Mars to tend to the crop fields. Since they are automated, they still mindlessly go through their now-useless tasks. They usually ignore humans, but should an Agro-Bot detect one in its way or intruding in its fields, it will try to exterminate the "pest" that has "infected" the plants. Needless to say, fleeing is better than facing these huge machines.

Usually found on the fields of Mars.


The agrobot was a machine left from Martian agricultural technology. Agrobots were probably designed to aid farmers in preparing the soil for planting seeds. While normally inoffensive, continuing to do their jobs mindlessly and without direction, they could attack if we got in their way or attempted to injure them in any way.

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