Aerial Servants

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Aerial Servant
Aerial Servant
Aerial Servant
Only appearance: Ultima VIII

This article is about a type of creature. For the spell used to summon these beings, see Aerial Servant.

Aerial Servants are non-corporeal entities bound to the will of Stratos. Appearing in Ultima VIII, they feature frequently in the arts of theurgy, and may be summoned by the followers of the Mystic Voice to perform a variety of tasks.


Aerial servants are believed to be the spirits of those who died before the completion of an important task, and they appear when manifested as small eddies of wind. Easily bound to the will of theurgists through the use of the Aerial Servant spell, these beings have just enough substance to transport or manipulate the physical world, although they may not perform any act of violence unless commanded to do so by Stratos herself.


Many people who die before they finish important tasks become spirits bound to the welfare of others. Unlike ghosts, for whom the Titans have no use, aerial servants function as messengers and assistants to Stratos. Moreover, aerial servants do not possess the same dark gray appearance of their counterparts, the ghosts, seeming instead to be made up of simple currents of air.

Aerial servants do not attack others, whether they are living or otherwise. However, they are usually loyal to the Theurgists who summon them, obeying their commands to the best of their abilities. Some say that aerial servants can affect the objects they touch, temporarily changing the objects into air currents as well. This way, the aerial servant is able to transport otherwise solid objects through the smallest wall chinks and such.

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