Wisp Whistle

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The Wisp Whistle is an item which allows the Avatar to contact the wisps. It appears in Ultima VII.


Wisp Whistle

The manifestations of Xorinia proved somewhat aloof during the time of the Avatar's first quest against the Guardian, despite having been drafted by the Time Lord to broker a meeting with the hero. In order to speak with them, the champion of Britannia had to seek the gentle woodland race known as the Emps, as one of their number, Trellek, was experienced in getting the enigmatic creatures' attention.

While Trellek ultimately could not join the Avatar to speak with the wisps himself, the Emp, at the suggestion of his bond-mate, would carve a small wooden whistle which would emulate the sound of his call. Armed with this instrument, the hero was eventually able to summon one of the mysterious entities to a meeting, and was able to begin the information bartering which would eventually lead them to the Lord of Time.[1][2]


  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, the Wisp Whistle is replaced with a Magic Lantern, which attracts wisps to its bearer during the night.[3]


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