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About me[edit]

Saduj's Dragon

Alias: Carcerian, Hakalot

Current Job: Randomly Appointed Noobie Admin...

(after asking a random ultima question)

Kyle: "say, you seem to be knowledgeable and care a lot about the wiki, i noticed it still has no admin, do you want the job?"

Me: "sure, anything i can do to help, what does the job entail?"

Kyle: "you must police bad behavior, be a leader for the community, and help coordinate new ideas..."

Not sure if im up to the job, but if anyone needs help (or has esoteric ultima questions) drop me an email...

Goal: to be a mellow admin, and help anyone when possible :)

Ultima Projects[edit]

Ultima Fan Remake Forum: Ultima Restoration (featuring ultima NWN 1 & 2 Mods, Independent fan works, etc. )

(Out of date as of last forum upgrade, fixes/updates pending)

My favorite pages[edit]

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