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A Divided World
Ultimore are a series of unofficial expansion packs created for Ultima III on the Apple II by Joel Fenton of Backstreet Software between 1984/1985.


The scenarios were created by reverse engineering the file formats of Ultima III, and producing an alternative disk for side two which included new data for towns and dungeons. Because the program files remain unchanged, the quest of the original Ultima III, to collect the four cards and marks and ultimately defeat a final boss, remains unchanged.

A total of 5 alternative scenarios were released, including: A Divided World, Pirate World, Spaceship Crash, Egypt, and Rule Of The Slave Lords. These setting were advertised via software magazine ads and sold directly to consumers for $20. Little is known about these alternative settings except for the first, A Divided World.

A Divided World[edit]

Wrigley Field
In A Divided World, the evil legacy of Exodus has been revived by Maxman, a Priest of the Snake described as a "shape-shifting balron". Maxman has built a castle stronghold and erected a force field between the northern and southern hemispheres, as civil war looms between the two lands. Maxman attempts to wrest the throne from the rightful heir to the land, Viceroy Faerdin.

The player visits multiple new locations including Darya: City of Heat and Steam, Amu, the Monastery of St. Elmo, and Wrigley Field where adventurers can watch the Cubs play the Giants.