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German Ultima IX cluebook
This is the official German cluebook for Ultima IX. It was published by Primas in 2000 in Germany and was written in a narrative style by Carsten Höh, with many pictures added. Included were also weapon and armour stats, description of all spells, profession starting stats, trainer lists, maps of all dungeons and a world map of Britannia. Many secrets were told beside the solution itself, with useful things specifically marked. All in all the book consists of 160 color pages.

The book has all pictures in color, something the american version was missing. In return, it is missing the extras (like the virtue tales) of the american version. Some fans believe that the book is truly more entertaining to read than playing the game itself.

The book originally retailed for 24,95DM, which roughly translates to 12,50€.

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