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Master Ultima
Master Ultima: Mystery, Magic and Strategy (ISBN 0-672-22828-9) is a non-Origin hint book written by Ralph Roberts. It contains walkthroughs and various hints and strategies for Ultima I (the 1986 remake), Ultima II, Ultima III, Ultima IV, Ultima V and Ultima VI. It originally retailed for USD$16.95 and was published in 1991 by SAMS.

The chapters for each game are presented in two formats, both a straightforward walkthrough for the game in question, followed by a account of each adventure told as a narrative short story containing additional clues. Unlike the "novelizations" of the Ultima games provided in The Avatar Adventures, these retellings do not necessarily comprise a self-consistent story arc of their own, but rather feature a different central character for each tale:

  • The section on Ultima II focuses on a Wizard named Nimsman.
  • For Ultima III, the reader follows the tale of Flavian, a human Cleric, and his companions: Bobo, a Dwarf Fighter, Elena, a human Thief, and Merlin, a fuzzy Wizard.
  • Ultima IV features a first-person account as the Paladin Lavonda tells a classroom of adventurers, in her own words, how she became an Avatar.
  • The Ultima V chapter is about another Avatar named Stuart, but is told through the eyes of a poor stable boy who becomes inspired by Stuart's example.
  • And lastly, the story of Ultima VI centers on yet another Avatar, this time called Rollo, as he reminisces about his just-completed adventure with Lord British.

In addition to the walkthroughs, Master Ultima also contains chapters on the history of the Ultima series, general strategies for the games covered, a short FAQ list about Ultima creator Richard Garriott, and a brief glossary of Britannian terms.

Like many of the third-party books published during the series' prime, Master Ultima is quite rare today. Depending on quality, used copies often command high prices on eBay and the collectible market.

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