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The first edition map
Included with Ultima II was this cloth map, showing the planet Earth. Sierra's willingness to manufacture the cloth maps for this game is, what made Richard Garriott decide to work together with them. The map is inspired by one in the movie "Time Bandits"[1], and it is very important to the game, since it shows how the time doors are connected to each other, by showing the location of each door in the respective time period and where it leads to.

There are several versions of the map: the original one released in the first release as shown here, which sported a small Sierra-logo; the second, which is still the same but with a big Sierra logo on it, from a later release; and the third from an even later release which had no logo on it at all, but is smaller and made of nylon, with the colors stronger than in previous issues. The third issue also had a version with even stronger colors. Even later issues of the game only had a paper map, as the one shown here.

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