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The Ultima Codex (previously known as Ultima Aiera) is a website hosted by Withstand the Fury (WTF) Dragon, which provides Ultima-related news, info and links to many other Ultima-related resources, including official patches, fan-made utilities, new engines, remakes, and other files. Included are a synopsis of the series and a detailed timeline of the events that happened in-universe.

From time to time, WTF Dragon will announce various goings-on in the Ultima community, and has a Gallery of rare, never-before-seen items released to the public.

The original Ultima Aiera logo

The Ultima Codex started as a smaller website called Ultima Aiera. On April 2012, WTF Dragon announced that Ultima Aiera was to be turned into The Ultima Codex, a bigger website he was creating in collaboration with other ultima fans.[1] The Ultima Codex added subdomains dedicated to Ultima Online, Ultima Forever, and other Ultima-related topics. The Ultima Aiera website is still up, but it is no longer maintained, and most of its contents have been copied over to The Ultima Codex.

The Codex of Ultima Wisdom[edit]

When the members of The Codex of Ultima Wisdom wiki decided to leave Wikia, Ultima Aiera welcomed them. When Aiera turned into The Ultima Codex, The Codex of Ultima Wisdom moved there as well.[2] Since The Codex of Ultima Wisdom is sometimes called "The Ultima Codex" for short, it is easy to confuse the wiki and the bigger website that is now hosting it. More information about the history of this wiki can be found in history of The Codex of Ultima Wisdom.

Digital Lycaeum[edit]

The Ultima Codex also hosts the Digital Lycaeum, a repository for Ultima fan developers which hosts assets, including art, models and music, as well as reviews of existing projects, articles about game development, and discussion.[3]

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