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Tuomaxx, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Location: Drum Hill
SE Transcript: Tuomaxx

Tuomaxx is a former member of the Disquiqui Tribe and lives on Drum Hill in Savage Empire.


Tuomaxx is an unusual individual who seems to pride himself in all aspects of drums and drumming. When the Avatar asked Tuomaxx about creating a drum, he eventually admitted that the best place to create a drum to unite the tribes was Drum Hill, where they were currently standing. He further told the Avatar that he would need an animal hide to create a giant drum. When the Avatar returned with the hide, Tuomaxx quickly constructed a giant drum, and awaited the Avatar to convince the chiefs of the different tribes to join his battle against the Myrmidex.[1]

Tuomaxx had one challenged the Barrab shaman Balakai to combat, and despite receiving many vicious finger pokes, Balakai had managed to convince Tuomaxx that his mind had been placed into a small blue stone. Tuomaxx was actually thankful for finally being freed of his intelligence. [2] Upon returning to the Disquiqui, Tuomaxx was no longer been interested in drinking and feasting with the rest of the tribe, and had been only interested in drum building. This change in the former shaman had forced Chafblum to banish Tuomaxx from the tribe. [3]



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