Slasher Daemons

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Slasher Daemons
Slasher Daemon, Ultima IX screenshot
Only appearance: Ultima IX

An especially strange breed of daemons, the slasher daemons are a serious threat to adventurers.

While normal Daemons at least look humanoid, these monsters look like huge, bony insects. Their motivations and goals are unknown. They hover more than ten feet over the ground and attack with lightning bolts. To make matters worse, they are only vulnerable to magic, and protect themselves with a magical shield that has to be broken down first. All these facts mean, that if possible it is to be preferred to avoid the slasher daemons. Thankfully, they are rare.

This breed of daemons has only appeared in Ultima IX.


  • Concept art for this creature reveals it was actually called a Slasher of Veils, which suggest this might have been the design planned for Ultima Underworld's daemon when it was meant to appear in the game (in the original Bob White Plot).

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