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Savage Empire SNES cover

The port for Savage Empire on the Super Nintendo was released on 1995, almost 5 years after the release of the original game. This version was only produced in Japanese, and it was released only in Japan. It is not known why it was not translated to English.


The SNES port of Savage Empire uses the same game engine as the Ultima VII SNES port, down to the little details like the censorship of violence. It is unknown why this was done, since the Ultima VI-engine had already been ported to the SNES for that game's port (Savage Empire does use that engine in the original version) and it would have been trivial to use it as a base for creating a faithful port of the game.

The SNES version of the manual contains coloured images of all the original monochrome graphics from the original manual.


  • There is no party; the Avatar travels alone.
  • The introductory sequence and in-game cutscenes have been removed.
  • The Avatar can't be named; he is always called "Avatar." The Avatar is always male like in the PC version.
  • The NPCs have no schedules; the day-night changes are only cosmetic.
  • Vastly-reduced interactivity; only a fraction of the in-game objects can be used in some way.
  • The overworld is broken up into both indoor and outdoor maps.
  • The whole game control scheme was changed; it now plays more action-like, similar to the Zelda games.
  • All graphics are reduced-quality and more pixelated; the character portraits of the original are now smaller and less detailed.

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