Lava Lizards

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Lava Lizards
Lava lizard
Lava lizard, from Ultima IV manual
Only appearance: Ultima IV

Lava Lizards are a type of flame-borne reptilian beast which could be encountered during Ultima IV.


Lava Lizards encountered in the Abyss

Frequently found in the vicinity of active volcanoes or other great sources of heat, lava lizards appeared particularly attuned to the element of fire, and were capable of spewing superheated lava across great distances in combat. While some few of these strange creatures could be found roaming the Britannian surface during the early Age of Enlightenment, they seemed to be a species largely confined to the realm's dungeons, and were not seen after the completion of the Avatar's first quest.


These reptilian creatures love fire and dwell in infernos. In combat they have been known to spit flaming lava thirty feet, so beware these evil beasts!


  • Lava lizards may be based upon the archaic accounts of salamanders, which frequently ascribed fantastical qualities to these amphibious creatures and categorized them as elemental spirits of fire.

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