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Larrifin, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Location: Disquiqui Tribe
SE Transcript: Larrifin

Larrifin is the shaman of the Disquiqui Tribe in Savage Empire.


When the Avatar first met Larrifin, he was reluctant to give his name. It was only with Chafblum's pressuring that he admitted his name. Despite Larrifin's claim to be a famous healer and shaman, when the Avatar requested healing, he tried to shirk his duty by claiming he couldn't heal without his spirit tokens. It was Lerei who gleefully pointed out that despite Larrifin's position as healer, he actually had no skills beyond pulling blisters. [1]

It was Larrifin who suggested the Avatar would need to pass a test of virtue, bravery, and skill, in order for the Disquiqui Tribe to join against the Myrmidex threat.



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