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Kotl-Automaton from The Savage Empire Cluebook
Only appearance: Savage Empire

The huge Kotl-Automatons are, as incredible as it sounds, wholesome and fairly advanced robots. In the primitive valley of Eodon, this is most definitely something unusual. First discovered in Savage Empire, they are still found in the ancient and long-abandoned city of Kotl, and look like huge, ornamental metal statues. However, appearances are deceiving, as these machines are very dangerous and won't hesitate to remove any intruder they deem to be a hindrance!

Essentially, these automatons are walking tanks that the wise adventurer should avoid, if possible.


These man-shaped things move around in and clean the City of the Kotl (see the desciption of that place, later in the tourbook). They're shiny and silver, and hit you with their silver fists if they decide to hurt you.

Notable Examples[edit]

  • Yunapotli, a Kotl-Automaton who is really sentient. He joins the Avatar on the quest to shut down the power generators in the ancient city. However, this in the end also means his own death.


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