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A Knight, from Ultima I manual.
Variants: Dark Knights
Only appearance: Ultima I

Many knights of ancient Sosaria, like their brethren the Dark Knights, cast aside their vows to uphold goodness and decency, falling prey to the spell of Mondain.


These evil knights found roaming the country lands of Sosaria were in philosophy identical to the Dark Knights of the age, although lacking in similar adjectives to denote their fallen state. Like the hoods and thieves of the day, these once honorable warriors waylaid travelers outside of the protection of major settlements, looting and pillaging in the name of their sorcerous master.

Although the passing of Mondain by no means put an end to the occasional fall of the chivalrous to evil, such knights were seen far less in the days following the wizard's demise, presumably having their ranks thinned by the mage's removal as an influence.


Like their forest-dwelling counterparts the Dark Knights, the predatory Knights of Sosaria are warriors who have forsaken the ways of Chivalry for the paths of Evil. They are fierce opponents and must be treated with care if one is to avoid an untimely demise.

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