Ithilian The Wench

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Ithilian The Wench
Ithilian The Wench.png
Ithilian The Wench, from Ultima II
Species: Human
Ultima II
Location: Towne Linda
Ithilian in Ultima I
Ithilian The Wench is first seen in the manual for the original version of Ultima I.


Though not recognized by name within the game, many bartenders will advise their patrons that "Thou had best know to watch the wench." One too many ales, and customers may find themselves seduced, with a lighter purse. Ithilian can also be found within the Pub de Varg in Towne Linda in Ultima II.

She asks the Stranger to make her an offer. [1]


  • Female characters in Ultima I (1986 remake only) will be told to " the lecher."


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