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The Hearth of Britannia is a website run by Rustic Dragon. Originally created with the sole purpose of crafting a cookbook of Ultima-themed foods, the Hearth has grown into a center of the Ultima fan community.

In addition to his plans to craft a cookbook, Rustic Dragon also hosts semi-regular Dragonsmeets via Google+ hangout. Topics during a Dragonsmeet may include "Tales from a Britannian Noob", where someone relates their first steps into Ultima, "Celebrity Spotlight", where fans can interact with the personalities who made Ultima happen, and a regular "SotA Roundtable", during which those attending discuss the upcoming Shroud of the Avatar.

The Hearth of Britannia is currently hosting a countdown to Rustic's next big reveal, which will occur during a twenty-four hour celebration on August 24-25, 2013.

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