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Gwanis, from Ultima VII Part Two manual
Only appearance: Serpent Isle

Gwani are peaceful inhabitants of the ice regions of the northern Serpent Isle. However, they are hunted for their fur by trappers. A massacre performed by Hazard the Trapper brings them to the brink of extinction, from which there is no hope of recovery.

Gwani are found in the cold north of the Serpent Isle, west of the Skullcrusher Mountains as well as within the mountains themselves.

Notable examples[edit]

Yenani the Gwani
  • The Avatar meets a number of Gwani, all with varied personalities. However, the most important one is Yenani, their leader. She helps the Avatar through a number of quests, and is one of the few to survive Hazard the Trapper's attack on the tribe.

Other Gwani include:

Gwani Language[edit]

The following are a few 'barks' lifted from Serpent Isle:

  • Noo Koomba!= hello?
  • Atala dak! = goodbye?
  • Gruk!
  • Barama tu!
  • Aruk nok!
  • Raag!
  • Noocha Ta!

Gwani Names With Translations[edit]

  • Myauri = "Blizzard"
  • Neyobi = "Little Dew Drops"
  • Kapyundi = "Little Glacier"
  • Mwaerno = "Rain Clouds"
  • Gilwoyai = "Of the Wind"


  • Referred to as savage, fearsome beasts by the Monitorians, their pelts are highly prized. Gwani pelts are exotic furs and hard to come by.
  • Gwani have a death temple west of the Dragon Isle. They entomb their dead there in ice.
  • Gwani believe magic corrupts the balance of nature. To Gwani, the best and only way to live is in harmony with nature.
  • Chieftains are always female in Gwani society.
  • There are Gwani in Skullcrusher whose minds were enslaved by Vasculio.

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