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Hazard, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two

The name of Hazard the trapper is known throughout Serpent Isle. He appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


He was a skilled and famed poacher, working from both a primary base in the Northern Forest and a smaller lair in the frozen north to supply the cities with pelts of animals and Gwani. He had a number of trappers who assisted him and was notorious for employing cruel and bloody methods in his obsessive hunting.

When confronted by the Avatar at one of his outposts in the Northern Regions, Hazard spoke of his enjoyment in hunting Gwani for the challenge. He boasted of skinning them alive and considered them mere animals, seeing no difference in killing them as he would a snow leopard, wolf, or polar bear.

Hazard was apparently in the Northern Forest when one of the Teleport Storms replaced a nearby pine cone with a Glass Sword belonging to the Avatar. He was delighted to find himself with such a weapon and anticipated its use with eagerness in a note left for his fellow trappers before taking off on an expedition to the frozen north. Another group of his men there, whilst camped in a cave, were set upon by a possessed Gwenno and mostly decimated before they were able to slay her.

After the Banes of Chaos were released, Hazard carried out a devastating attack on the Gwani village, slaughtering all but three of the Gwani who lived there. Ironically, all the settlements of Serpent Isle were being obliterated by the Banes at the moment of his own raid, leaving no one left alive to purchase cloaks or pelts of any kind.

Hazard ultimately met his end at the hands of the Avatar, who tracked him to his northern lair to avenge the Gwani and recover an amulet of theirs that was stolen from a corpse by the poacher.


  • Hazard's visage is that of veteran Ultima artist Denis Loubet.
  • During the game, Hazard attacks the Gwani camp and kills all of them except for Yenani, Neyobi and Myauri. This does not include the Gwani inside Skullcrusher.