Giant Bees

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Giant Bees
Giant Bee
Giant Bee, from Ultima VII manual
Only appearance: Ultima VII

Giant bees are gargantuan variants of their more diminutive cousins. The appear in Britannia during Ultima VII.


Native to but a single location in the western Deep Forests, the giant bees of Britannia appear to conduct themselves similarly to their smaller relatives, and congregate in a large hive burrowed into the stone of a mountain. Roughly the size of a young sheep, the bees of this colony produce an abundance of honey, which they guard with considerable ferocity. Their stingers are envenomed with a sleep-inducing chemical, which can quickly prove deadly to an overwhelmed adventurer. However, if a bold huntsman should be able to slay the insects, they may utilize their ovipositors for the manufacture of arrows which can deliver the narcotic properties of the bees' sting to their targets.


This energetic flying insect will instantly attack anything that it perceives as a threat to its hive. It attacks with a sleep-inducing poisonous sting.


  • While not nearly as formidable as the bees of Britannia, similar Terran insects can grow to quite impressive proportions. On Earth, examples of the Asian Giant Hornet (also known colloquially as the "yak-killer hornet") have been found with wingspans exceeding three inches - making them roughly the size of an immature sparrow.[1]

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