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Fishing is a fairly obvious skill in Ultima Online. This skill allows players to use a Fishing Rod, and later other tools, to try and catch fish from the oceans of Britannia. However, with growing skill, besides fish, more unusual items are found in the waters, often involving great reward for the patience shown by the fisherman. Note that fishing is impossible while being mounted on an animal, and that fishing from a boat with several lines generally gives the best results.

The selection of things that can be found with this skill is quite long, depends on the skill of the fisherman and not only includes fish, but also special items. Here what minimum skill is needed for what items:

Skill Level What you can catch
0 Shoes (useless, throw them away)
Normal Fish (gives food)
Special Fish (gives varying temporary attributes)
75 Message in a Bottle (gives pergament for treasure chests)
80 Special Fishing Net (summons sea monsters)
White Pearl (used for magical jewelry)
Big Fish (used as trophy)
Delicate Scales (used for weapons)
90 Treasure Map (leads to great treasure)


Training of course involves usage of the skill. After first training up to 30 skill points with any NPC fisherman, practical use is needed. Here a list, what to do to get the maximum effect for fast skill gathering.

Skill Level What to do for training
0 - 30 Buy from NPC fisherman
30 - 50 Fish in shallow water.
50 - 75 Fish off of a dock, a few tiles from the shore.
75 - 100 Fish in deep water (gains after 85.0 are only possible in in deep water).
100 - 120 Use a fishing scroll.

Note that having a Crystal Ball of Knowledge makes things easier, as it tells you where the fishing conditions are optimal.