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The following information is taken from the The Great Libraries of Caledonia[1]:


Faith for each virtue is acquired as your Alliance builds palaces of each shrine type. As the level of each palace increases, the amount of faith it provides also increases.

The amount of faith an Alliance possesses determines its benefits for being enlightened. The following tables describe the benefits from faith in each Virtue. The bonus to each attribute is half the faith of the Alliance, to a maximum of 100% (at 200 Faith); these are in addition to any Research bonuses a player possesses.

Lou shrine compassion.png
Increases the travel speed of infantry, scouts and cavalry units. Provides a bonus to the base construction speed of all Alliance cities.
Lou shrine honesty.png
Improves the durability of buildings and increases the travel speed of siege engines and ships.
Lou shrine honor.png
Increased the combat values of Beserkers, Mages, Scouts, Knights and Warlocks
Lou shrine humility.png
Increases the travel speed of carts and merchant ships, increases the production speed of sloops, frigates and war galleons
Lou shrine justice.png
Increases the combat values of City Guard, Ballistae, Sloops and Frigates.
Lou shrine sacrifice.png
Increases the combat values of Rangers, Guards, Templars, Crossbows and Paladin.
Lou shrine spirituality.png
Increases the travel speed, claim power, and production speed of barons, and increased mana regeneration rate
Lou shrine valor.png
Increases the combat values of Rams, Catapults and War Galleons


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