Dark Knights

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Dark Knights
Dark Knight
Dark Knight, from Ultima I manual
Variants: Knights
Only appearance: Ultima I

Dark Knight is a term for a once chivalrous warrior who has abandoned their oaths and taken to waylaying travelers and innocents - thanks either to the influence of greater evils or to the innate wickedness of their own hearts.


In early Sosaria, the power of Mondain was enough to seduce many otherwise noble fighters from the path of righteousness, and many of these fell warriors roamed the woods and plains of the ancient world, seeking easy prey amongst those who wandered outside of the safety of the cities. Like the bands of hoods and the thieves which also prowled the lands in these dark days, these former men of honor no doubt proved the death of many a hapless wanderer.

Mondain's death, however, by no means secured the virtue of knights in days to come, and throughout the ages of Britannia many men of valiant standing have succumb to the lure of greed and thus turned their backs on honor. Such brigands in later ages were not given the same title as Mondain's minions, although in practice these rogues proved much the same

Few such vagabonds leave legacies which long preserve their names. One knight of some note, however, is Rodrick, the self-proclaimed "Chaos Knight," of the Abyssal colony founded by Sir Cabirus. Once a proud member of the Knights of the Crux Ansata, Rodrick's ambitions were slowly perverted, like the dark knights of old, by the ministrations of a malevolent wizard - Tyball.[1] Turning traitor to his former order, Rodrick encamped in the knights banquet hall, violently attacking all who approached. Eventually, he was dispatched by none other than the Avatar of legend, and still stands as an example to the depths which a noble man may fall.


A Dark Knight from the original Apple II Ultima I manual
Such is the corrupting influence of the foul Mondain that even the most virtuous of Sosarian chivalry are subject to fall under his sway. The land is now befouled with Dark Knights - predatory warriors who seek to waylay innocent travelers and to rob them of their hard earned goods.

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