Air Djinn

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Air Djinn
Air Djinn from Ultima Underworld II cluebook
Only appearance: Ultima Underworld II

An air djinn is a powerful being born of elemental wind. An example of such a creature appears in Ultima Underworld II.


Little is known about the appearance of physically manifested air djinn, although one artist has depicted them as taking a roughly humanoid form. Such creatures are as enigmatic as they are powerful, and can easily rend apart the bodies of even the most stalwart of warriors in a matter of seconds. Only through careful ritual preparation can mortal magician hope to make use of these daemons, as they may only be bound in special vessels prepared with a mixture of filanium-rich mud and basilisk oil.[1]

During the course of their quest to destroy the great Blackrock Dome which the Guardian had erected over Castle Britannia, the Avatar endeavored to bind such a creature into their own body. After obtaining a specimen from the sage Zoranthus, the hero bathed in the filanium pits of Anodunos, immersed themselves in fire, and then imbibed a potion of Iron Flesh (to protect them from the ravages of the freed spirit), creating a clear magical glaze over their skin. After loosing the djinn in the confines of the Sigil of Binding on the ethereal plane, the Avatar was able to absorb the creature into their own body, and was later able to release it that they might sound the great Horn of Praecor Loth and shatter the dome which encircled the castle.


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