Djinn Bottle

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The Djinn Bottle
A specially prepared bottle or other vessel is required in order to safely house an air djinn. Such containers appear in Ultima Underworld II.


The mage Zoranthus had worked for some time to perfect a method of binding air elementals into physical containers, and was able to impart knowledge of this process to the Avatar during the hero's journeys in the Pits of Carnage. The sorcerer would also make the Avatar a gift of an already bound djinn once they brought him a scepter which had been lost by one of his colleagues on the ethereal plane.

The Avatar would eventually transfer the spirit housed in this bottle into their own person by performing the ritual Zoranthus taught them. To do this, they bathed their body in a mixture of filanium-rich mud and basilisk oil and subjected themselves to temperatures hot enough to fire the mud upon their skin. They then imbibed a potion of Iron Flesh to protect themselves from the airy daemon and broke the bottle the sage had given them within the confines of the Sigil of Binding, forcing the djinn to inhabit their form.[1]


  • Should the Avatar lose the bottle Zoranthus gives them, they may ask the magician for a replacement.[1] Another djinn bottle may also be found in the treasure area associated with the purple zone of the Ethereal Void.


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