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Phoda are short creatures (standing between 3'5" and 4'0") usually sporting thick fur. Although phoda are distantly related to other rodents, having a hamster-like appearance with stubby noses and small whiskers, calling a phoda a "rodent" is an insult that usually results in a brawl. Male phoda are often overweight (they just can't pass up a good meal and a drink!) and they take great pride in the size of their stomach since a phoda with a large gut is seen as successful and healthy. Female phoda tend to be slightly more slender than their male counterparts, despite enjoy food and drink just as much!

Phoda families are always very close and can often number in the hundreds. While phoda have an organized society, they have little use for written language or written laws. Instead, all phoda follow the Phoda Creed, which was created by the Great Shrew and is passed down from generation to generation in the form of stories called "The Tales of the Creed".

Phoda tend to be somewhat hyper creatures and have an amazing ability to find (and create!) trouble. Even when standing around doing nothing, a phoda usually looks like he is up to no good. Phoda get bored very easily, which only heightens their curious nature.

This curious and mischievous attitude often gives them a reputation for being untrustworthy. In truth, phoda take their jobs very seriously, form very tight friendships, and take upholding the honor of their families very seriously; they just have their own way of showing it. Of course, even the closest friend to a phoda still has to be ready for the next unintentional disaster!

Phoda tend to wear plain clothing, making every attempt to hide their wealth and generally avoid being at the center of attention.

Although phoda are generally easy going, rile them up and they can be vicious in a fight. Many an unwary adventurer has made the mistake of picking a fight with a phoda, thinking the phoda's small stature makes for an easy fight, only to find themselves in need of a healer!