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The re-used footage
It is very little known that together with the NES-Port of Ultima III, an one-episode anime was produced. The resons for this are several.

The anime-episode was produced by TV Osaka shortly after the release of the NES port of Ultima III in Japan in 1989, which let loose a huge demand for more Ultima-related things (which led to more ports being created). However, neither was it shown on TV, nor was it sold on tape. The reasons for this decision remain unknown and are puzzling, as the product had obviously been finished.

After the great Kobe earthquake 1995, old tapes with the episode were discovered in an old warehouse and sold off. Sadly, the really obscure nature of this piece of madia has made sure that no videos or screenshots have made it onto the internet. The only part that most likely will ever be seen was a part of it that was recycled for a commercial for the NES game, which shows the female cleric from the japanese cover art.

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