Eep Eeps

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Eep Eeps
Eep Eep
Eep Eep, from Runes of Virtue manual
Only appearance: Runes of Virtue
Eep Eeps are strange, white, bouncing, spheroid creatures found throughout the dungeons of Britannia in Runes of Virtue.

While entirely harmless to the hero, Eep Eeps have a nasty tendency of always being in the way, blocking important tunnels and passageways. While all of these creatures were capable of basic speech, consisting of only saying their species' name, some were willing to aid the hero, causing various effects to occur when talked to. Eep Eeps were immune to any and all physical or magical attacks, and could not be killed.


Eep Eeps get in your way, but sometimes they can help you.
- from Runes of Virtue Manual (Runes of Virtue)