Creeper Plants

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Creeper Plants
Creeper Plant from Ultima IX manual
Only appearance: Ultima IX

Creeper Plants did not appear in Britannia until the Guardian did. They have a unique ability to spit seeds that become new Creeper Plants, should they miss their target. Creeper Plants also have very sharp teeth to kill their prey. However, as plants they are susceptible to fire.

They can be found in the wilderness. Rumor has it that there are Creeper Plants in the underground, that can become at least four times as big as a normal plant.


Where many have died at the hands of a Creeper Plant grow at stand of these green tombstones. The Creeper Plant grows at an alarming pace and can surround a party in minutes. Carnivorous by nature, it spits damaging seeds which, if they miss, can sprout new shoots. To defeat a Creeper Plant, marshal all of your energies on the parent plant firstly. When the parent dies, target the next shoot that begins shooting seeds. Attacks by fire are particularly effective.
- from Journal (Ultima IX)

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