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The resting place of the bones of Zog
Zog was a mage that lived in Sosaria a long time before the events of the Ultima games. 700,000 years before Ultima I, Zog received the Armageddon spell from the Xorinite Wisp. He was too curious and tried it, wiping out all life on the world. He died a little later in his empty world.

The remains of Zog's bones were found sometime prior to Ultima VI; after their analysis they were brought to the Royal Museum in Britain as an exhibit. The bones were still in the museum in Ultima VII. However, they went missing in Ultima IX.


  • With the Ultima IX dialogue patch, the skull of Mondain found in the Royal Museum is replaced with the bones of Zog, as the skull had been lost in the Abyss.
  • Zog's name originates from an incident involving Dr. Cat's father, who was in the habit of trying to impress waitstaff by making mention of things pertinent to their country of origin. Apparently, he surprised a young Dr. Cat by making a reference to King Zog I of Albania during a dinner in which he was being served by an Albanian waiter, and he would subsequently sign letters to his son with the name "Zog" as something of an inside joke.[1]


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