Zealan Ceremonial Shield

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A Zealan Ceremonial Shield

The Zealan Ceremonial Shield is a very important item in Ultima VIII. Its front is split into three equal parts, each showing the symbol of one of the Gods of Emotion of Pagan. A flame for Odion, a hand with a heart for Amoras and scales for Apathas. Only with this shield it is possible to have an audience with the Gods of Emotion.


The Avatar found two of these, one in Mythran's house, and one in the Shrine of the Ancient Ones. The Avatar placed it on the altar in the temple deep within the Shrine of the Ancient Ones to speak with the three gods.


  • In the canceled add-on Lost Vale, a different shield called Shield of the Ancients, symbolizing the three other Zealan gods known as Felicitar, the god of joy, Doloras, the god of grief, and Timyra, the god of fear, would have been found broken in two halves. The gods are represented by a sun, an eclipsed sun, and a teardrop, respectively.