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Wraith, from Ultima I manual
Only appearance: Ultima I

Wraiths are the spirits of dead clerics, which once haunted the dungeons of archaic Sosaria during the time of Ultima I.


A Wraith, Ultima I

Wraiths were returned to the material world from whatever underworld they inhabited by various enchantments set out by Mondain, and acted as proselytizing servitors of the dark mage, seeking to convert others to their debased state in worship of evil. It is unknown whether such wights were evil men before their death or if the process by which they were conjured corrupted them, although references to their summoning from "hell" strongly imply the former - at least to those who hold to beliefs of a just afterlife.

These beings faded from the realm with the death of Mondain, likely no longer bound by whatever magics the wizard had employed to create them.


A wraith from the FM-Towns port of Ultima I.
Summoned from the nethermost regions of Hell by Mondain's perverse enchantments, Wraiths are the restless souls of dead clerics. Once on the material plane, they drift about seeking potential converts to the discipline of Evil. Since one must first die in order to be converted, 'tis strongly advised that their enticements be resisted.

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