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Worm Heart (WH) are a reagent used Serpent Isle. They may be procured by gutting recently slain Ice Worms, which are plentiful in the Northern Regions of the continent. Worm Heart generally is used when the word of power "FRIO" is invoked.

History and Uses[edit]

Serpent Isle[edit]

Unlike the magic of Britannia, the spells of Serpent Isle had a greater inclination toward workings involving coldness and ice. To facilitate these incantations, an additional regent was introduced for use in spells making involving word of power known as Frio.

Worm hearts could also be used in the forging of "worm gems," which could then be transformed into Soul Prisms capable of binding powerful spirits within them. The Avatar would find it necessary to employ such magical containers, and would commission several such gems from the artisan Ducio, that the hero might have a means to entrap the three Banes of Chaos which were ravaging the land.


This reagent, cut from the innards of the ice worms, is useful to a variety of unusual spells, often allowing enchantments involving snow or cold.


  • The need to have nine Worm Heart near the end of the game can hit players unprepared, especially when having the Ring of Reagents. The end result often is a frustrating hunt for ice worms in order to get the needed quantity of the reagent.

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