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Wolfgang was a king and wizard of early Sosaria, possibly having dominion over Akalabeth or a region near it. He is best known as the father of Mondain, the wizard who became the antagonist of Akalabeth and Ultima I.


Little is known about Wolfgang or of the kingdom over which he ruled. He is recorded as having at least one son aside from Mondain, an older child whose name remains unknown. Earlier accounts of Mondain's eventual patricide cite jealousy over this mysterious older brother's birthright as his motivation, although in later ages this figure is omitted from the history.[1]

The standard telling of Wolfgang's fall came to be recorded in Book of Lore commissioned by Lord British. In this account, Mondain is described as a troubled youth, plagued by fits of despondency and rage. To alleviate these ill-humors, the young prince would kill animals to assert his control over life and death - a practice which troubled Wolfgang considerably.

Hoping to reform his child, Wolfgang instructed Mondain (fifteen years of age at the time) that he was to be sent to live with the brothers of a monastic order for a year, during which he would take leave of his magical studies, learning instead to hone his humility and compassion. As a reward for completing this term, Wolfgang promised his son a magical ruby gem, which could harness the power of the Sosarian sun.

Not willing to undergo the year's retreat and desiring the gem immediately, Mondain slew his father the next night. After a time, the prince managed to turn its own energies against itself - creating the black Gem of Immortality which would become the crux of his power. Using this artifact in addition to his own dark magics, Wolfgang's son would come to usher in the first Age of Darkness within Sosaria, inflicting the land with all manner of monsters and plagues.[2]


"I have arranged for thee to live with the brothers in the abbey, where thou shalt practice compassion and humility. Learn thy lessons well, my son, and this ruby gem, which harnesses the power of the sun, shall be thine."


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