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Wildmen, from Ultima VII Part Two manual
Also known as: Shasrajah
Only appearance: Serpent Isle

Wildmen are found in the area surrounding Serpent's Fang Keep in the past of Serpent Isle. They are also found in the Ophidian ruins of the present. They appear as roughly human-sized creatures with green skin, and straggly green hair, and attack with their mouths, using their strangely extending necks.

According to a book found in the Silver Seed expansion (Report on the Shasrajah), Wildmen are a product of Chaos wizardry, an attempt to create superior soldiers in the war against Order's Automaton army.

Chaos called these creatures Shasrajah, a fusion of Adder and Man. The resulting form was vaguely humanoid, with resilient green skin, tough as the scales of a serpent. Initially the minds of the soldiers who'd volunteered were very much unchanged, and coupled with the quickness and sensitivity to smell of the adder, the Shasrajah were formidable in battle. Their long necks had tremendous reach, and they preferred to attack solely with their strong jaws. The experiment went awry when Chaos discovered the Shasrajah became more violent and bloodthirsty with each battle victory, ultimately turning on their makers. Chaos was unable to beat their monsters back and exterminate them, and were forced to retreat.

The Shasrajah continued to live in present day Serpent Isle, called "Wildmen" by the New Sosarians.

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