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Self-portrait, on a good day.
I am Terilem Dragon (derived from the somewhat mundane Gargish word, ter-ailem, meaning "plane." I thought it sounded cool.) of the antiquated UDIC. I originally hail from the Horizons Tavern corner of the Ultima community, created and maintained a reasonably frequented Ultima IX news site throughout 1999, and subsequently joined the Ultima V: Lazarus project in 2000 as a portrait artist, musician, official Team Quotes clerk, and, unofficially, hawk-eye for lore consistency. Throughout all of that, I also played on Ultima Legacy.

Researching and writing for this wiki is how I now scratch my Ultima itch. What we have here is the perfect opportunity to present a definitive Ultima resource, but it is vital that it be both accurate and well-written. This is pertinent now more than ever before with Electronic Arts' growing interest in the franchise and the increase in public curiosity it will likely bring.

If I create or edit an article, I try to research the subject exhaustively using all the resources available to me (in-game dialogue and books, manuals, clue books, etc.) and take the time to ensure the standard of writing is of the utmost quality (or at least as much as my ability allows; see Special:Contributions/Blu3vib3), free of personal opinion and/or speculation.

My goals and philosophies for this wiki are much the same as those articulated by The Ultra-Mind in his Priorities and 7 Deadly Sins articles. These are highly recommended reading for all contributors.

Terilem's super awesome list of things to do and/or areas that need attention[edit]

  • Spell article rewrites: Many of these take an incongruous tone befitting an infomercial more than an encyclopedia, or could simply use a more nuanced vocabulary and writing style. Either way, I want to start picking away at them.
  • General fact checking, referencing, policing of subjectivity and speculation: Performed as encountered; often snowballs into significant rewrites and/or the creation of pedantic Talk pages.
  • Curbing of superfluous and extraneous Trivia: I find the Trivia sections often contain fluff that doesn't really add anything of interest and seems to be included "just because." This area also frequently falls under the jurisdiction of the above point.
  • Tracking down references for the Development History of Ultima IX: Bits and pieces of this saga have floated around the Ultima community as hearsay for more than a decade. Time to get definitive.
  • Inserting trivia from the Bob White Plot: There are a whole pile of story elements stripped down for the final version of Ultima IX that appear in their original nuanced form here, as well as a bunch of cool references to previous Ultimas that go a long way in demonstrating this game actually had a soul once upon a time. Kudos to Brian Martin and John Watson.
    • Characters:
      • Amoranth - partially done, elaboration and references pending
      • Lord Blackthorn
      • Lord British
      • Desbet
      • Dupre
      • Geoffrey
      • Guardian
      • Horance
      • Iolo
      • Jaana
      • Julia
      • Katrina
      • Mariah
      • Nicodemus
      • Sentri
      • Raven
      • Samhayne - references pending
      • Shamino
      • Talornia (Alexadraconia)
      • Time Lord / Hawkwind - references pending
      • Vasagralem
    • Groups:
      • Fighters (Bladesmen)
      • Gargoyles
      • Mages
      • Paladins
      • Rangers
      • Wyrmguard - partially done, elaboration and references pending
    • Settlements:
      • Ambrosia
      • Britain
        • Blue Boar Tavern
        • Cathedral of Love
      • Buccaneer's Den (Asylum)
      • Cove
      • Empath Abbey
      • Moonglow
        • Court of Truth
      • Minoc (Mystvale)
      • New Magincia
      • Paws
      • Serpent's Hold
      • Skara Brae
        • Dark Tower - references pending
          • Well of Souls - references pending
      • Trinsic
      • Valoria
        • Citadel of Courage
      • Yew
    • Dungeons:
      • Covetous
      • Deceit
      • Despise
      • Destard
      • Great Stygian Abyss - partially done, elaboration pending
      • Hythloth
      • Shame
      • Wrong
    • Other Locations:
      • Isle of the Avatar
      • Shrine of the Codex
      • Shrine of Justice - partially done, elaboration and references pending
      • Shrine of Humility
      • Shrine of Spirituality
    • Objects:
      • Bell of Courage
      • Book of Truth
      • Candle of Love
      • Codex of Ultimate Wisdom
      • Columns - partially done, elaboration and references pending
      • Glyphs of Corruption
      • Runes of Virtue
      • Spellbook