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Favorite Ultima quote:
"Frequently, careless people leave their things just lying around. Since, in Britannia, the law is finders-keepers you can pick up whatever items you see. Search the floors, tables, and chairs of every room you enter." - U5NES guidebook.


Ultima I[edit]

  • Ultima I screenshots of signposts and castle (externally)
  • Ultima I manual quotes

Ultima II[edit]

  • Ultima II NPCs
  • Ultima II monster Data

Ultima III[edit]

  • Ultima III shops
  • Ultima III NPCs with references Currently being done by Blu3Vib3
  • Wikify Ultima III NES Walkthrough
  • Ultima III Transcript
  • Finish images for Monster Data

Ultima IV[edit]

  • Screenshot of every Ultima IV NPC
  • Ultima IV Transcript and links
  • Ultima IV NPC references
  • Ultima IV Monster Data
  • Ultima IV Part 2 Walkthrough

Ultima V[edit]

  • Screenshot of every NPC in Ultima V including shopkeepers with Lazarus photo
  • transcript links
  • Ultima V shops with references
  • Ultima V NPC references
  • Quote Paths of Destiny
  • Ultima V Monster Data

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

  • Lazarus NPCs
  • Lazarus inns
  • Lazarus city maps
  • Lazarus dungeon Maps
  • Wikify Quests in Ultima V: Lazarus, and add links from relevant NPC articles.
  • Properly reference/categorize Lazarus NPCS

Ultima VI[edit]

  • Complete Ultima VI NPCs
  • Ultima VI shops with references
  • Ultima VI Monster Data (and animations)
  • Ultima VI NPC references
  • Ultima VI Transcript

The Ultima 6 Project[edit]

  • Character descriptions and portraits
  • Dungeon maps
  • Help with The Ultima 6 Project Walkthrough

Ultima Underworld[edit]

  • Ultima Underworld NPC references

Savage Empire[edit]

  • Complete Savage Empire NPCs
  • Savage Empire Monster Data
  • Savage Empire NPC References
  • Savage Empire Transcript
  • Savage Empire SNES colour scans

Martian Dreams[edit]

  • Complete Martian Dreams NPCs
  • Martian Dreams Monster Data
  • Martian Dreams NPC References
  • Martian Dreams hintbook scans
  • Martian Dreams transcript

Ultima VII[edit]

  • Complete Ultima VII NPCs (95% Tribun's work)
  • Ultima VII shops with references
  • Ultima VII weapons/armour/monster data
  • Ultima VII save games
  • Ultima VII Transcript
  • Fix all Category:Equipment Pictures images to remove background scroll
  • Un-stub keyring mod NPCs

Ultima Underworld II[edit]

  • Ultima Underworld II NPC References

Ultima VII Part Two[edit]

  • Serpent Isle shops with references
  • Serpent Isle technical details
  • Serpent Isle Quotes
  • Serpent Island monster/weapon data

Ultima VIII[edit]

  • Screenshot of every Ultima VIII NPC
  • Ultima VIII NPC references
  • Ultima VIII weapon/armour/monster information and references
  • Ultima VIII Quotes
  • Fix Ultima VIII Books
  • Ultima VIII Transcript

Ultima IX[edit]

  • Ultima IX price lists
  • NPC photos and descriptions -With help from Tribun/Iceblade
  • Weapon and armour values and descriptions,
  • Ultima IX Quotes,
  • Ultima IX Infoboxes,
  • Ultima IX NPC References
  • Ultima IX Monster Data
  • Finish wikifying Ultima IX Walkthrough

Runes of Virtue[edit]

  • Runes of Virtue I screenshots, NPCs, categorization, monster images, lots of love
  • Runes of Virtue II screenshots, NPCs, Have to do locations someday...


  • Eliminate all him/her, s/he, his/her, him/herself, he/she, and and/or within articles
  • Better categorize Location Maps, Walkthrough Pictures, Icons, Animations Technical Data
  • "Deal" with those nitpick pages Thanks Iceblade for helping!
  • Ultima: The Dark Core Walkthrough
  • Weapon Values/Armour Values images complete Thanks a lot of people
  • Prevent and fix double-redirects
  • Ultima VI remake in Exult
  • Savage Empire in Exult


  • Ultima I
  • Ultima II
  • Ultima IIIDone by others
  • Ultima IV
  • Ultima V
  • Ultima VI
  • Savage Empire
  • Martian Dreams
  • Ultima Underworld I
  • Ultima VIIDone by others
  • Ultima Underworld II
  • Ultima VII Part TwoDone by others
  • Ultima VIII
  • Ultima IX

To Do[edit]

  • Savegame section
  • Lots of other stuff!