Ultima X Pixie History

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The deep forest is home to the pixies, a race of small winged creatures that thrive in nature and enjoy bestowing mischief on adventurers who pass by. The pixies are all female, and they generally prefer to keep to themselves in their wooded grottos. Their society is loosely organized, with few laws besides those that protect the forest and maintain the privacy of their settlement.

Pixies, standing three feet tall at the most, are tiny when compared to humans. However, they fly a few feet off of the ground by beating their translucent wings very quickly. They prefer to hover around eye level (depending on your race) and rarely touch the forest floor. Pixies have pointed elflike ears and a famously jovial nature.

Pixies tend to avoid violence, but they can be very dangerous when threatened. They despise undead or unnatural intruders in the forest, and they fly in to mount surprisingly powerful hit-and-run attacks. They use bows, magic, and small blades with great proficiency.