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The Cloth Map
Included with Ultima V was this cloth map showing Britannia, which is not that much changed from its predecessor. Settlements are still just tiny icons on the map. The icons for the phases of the Moons are now easier to see, since they were made bigger. Due to the exploration in the previous game, the islands of New Magincia and Buccaneer's Den as well as the Isle of the Avatar are now on the map. Also, some new details such as roads and the position of the shrines appear on it.

The cloth map was mostly the same in all issues of the game. However, some later releases by Mindscape in Europe had a number of maps of poor quality, often having color shifts. There also does exist a variant of the cloth map, in which the water is much bluer, instead of the greenish of the original map. Surprisingly, the cloth map of the Japanese ports of the game had a different coloration as well, with also blue water, but in a much darker shade.

Both alternate maps can be seen below.

Alternate Maps[edit]


  • Buccaneer's Den is placed too far south likely for aesthetic reasons involving the logo.

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