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There are four purveyors of the magical arts in Ultima VI: Horance, Nicodemus, Rudyom, and Xiao.

Due to the substantial length of their inventory lists, their complete price lists will be located here.[1]

Item Horance Nicodemus Rudyom Xiao
Black Pearl 3gp 4gp
Blood Moss 3gp 2gp 3gp
Mandrake Root 5gp 6gp
Nightshade 2gp 2gp 6gp
Spider Silk 1gp 1gp 2gp 3gp
Sulfurous Ash 2gp 2gp 1gp 3gp
Garlic 1gp 1gp 3gp
Ginseng 1gp 2gp 3gp
Spellbook 50gp 45gp 50gp 60gp
Magic Staff 100gp
1st Circle
Harm 30gp
Detect Trap 20gp
Create Food 20gp
Douse 20gp
Heal 20gp
Ignite 20gp
Detect Magic 25gp
Dispel Magic 25gp
Light 25gp
2nd Circle
Magic Arrow 60gp
Poison 60gp
Trap 60gp
Unlock Magic 60gp 40gp
Untrap 40gp
Sleep 40gp
Infravision 50gp
Reappear 50gp
Telekinesis 50gp
Vanish 50gp
3rd Circle
Curse 90gp
Fireball 90gp
Magic Lock 60gp
Mass Sleep 60gp
Protection 60gp
Repel Undead 60gp
Mass Awaken 60gp
Dispel Field 75gp
Great Light 75gp
Peer 75gp
4th Circle
Disable 120gp
Conjure 80gp
Great Heal 80gp
Animate 100gp
Fire Field 100gp
Locate 100gp
Mass Dispel 100gp
Poison Field 100gp
Sleep Field 100gp
Wind Change 100gp
5th Circle
Explosion 150gp
Lightning 150gp
Paralyze 150gp
Insect Swarm 100gp
Pickpocket 100gp
Seance 100gp
Energy Field 125gp
Invisibility 125gp
Reveal 125gp
X-Ray 125gp
6th Circle
Flame Wind 180gp
Hail Storm 180gp
Poison Wind 180gp
Charm 120gp
Confuse 120gp
Mass Protect 120gp
Web 120gp
Clone 150gp
Negate Magic 150gp
Replicate 150gp
7th Circle
Chain Bolt 210gp
Energy Wind 210gp
Kill 210gp
Mass Curse 210gp
Wing Strike 210gp
Enchant 140gp
Mass Invisibility 140gp
Fear 175gp
Gate Travel 175gp
Wizard Eye 175gp
8th Circle
Resurrect 160gp
Death Wind 200gp
Eclipse 200gp
Mass Charm 200gp
Mass Kill 200gp
Slime 200gp
Summon 200gp
Time Stop 200gp
Tremor 200gp

The Armageddon spell can received for free from the wisps

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