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NOTE: The Codex of Ultima Wisdom does not advocate software piracy. However, as Origin / Electronic Arts has already made this information public via their Ultima Archives, it is included here. If you are the copyright holder of the Ultima games and wish it removed, please post in the talk page and it will be removed immediately.

Ultima 6 Copy Protection Questions and Answers[edit]

Lord British's Questions[edit]

  • What doth Trolls Lack?
    • Endurance / end.
  • What part of the tangle vine doth put one to sleep?
    • Pods / cent, pod, frag.
  • What valued item canst one find near the spawning grounds of Hydras?
  • How canst one fend off Rotworms?
    • Torch / torc, fire, flam, burn, pass.
  • How doth Sea Serpents attack?
    • Fireballs / fire, ball, swip, tail.
  • What creature art Wisps oft mistaken for?
    • Firefly / fire, fly.
  • Where hath images of the Silver Serpent been seen?
    • Tomb walls / tomb, wall, anci, monu.
  • What art Reapers remnants of?
    • Enchanted Forest / anci, ench, fore.

Mariah's Questions[edit]

  • What does the magic syllable 'Zu' mean?
    • Sleep / slee.
  • What does the magic syllable 'Quas' mean?
    • Illusion /illu.
  • What does the magic syllable 'Hur' mean?
    • Wind / wind.
  • What does the magic syllable 'Jux' mean?
    • Danger/Trap/Harm / dang, trap, harm.
  • What does the magic syllable 'Ort' mean?
    • Magic / magi.

Selganor's Questions[edit]

  • Where does Sulfurous Ash come from?
    • Volcanic Eruptions / volc, erup.
  • What are the Black Pearls used for?
    • Kinetic propellant / kine, prop.

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