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NOTE: The Codex of Ultima Wisdom does not advocate software piracy. However, as Origin / Electronic Arts has already made this information public via their Ultima Archives, it is included here. If you are the copyright holder of the Ultima games and wish it removed, please post in the talk page and it will be removed immediately.

Serpent Isle Copy Protection Questions and Answers[edit]

Thoxa's and Fedabiblio's Questions[edit]

  • In Erstram’s book, the section entitled “Other Landmarks” covers how many areas?
    • 4
  • According to Erstam's book, how many spells are available in the Ninth Circle of Magic?
    • 8
  • How many different materials can armour be made from?
    • 4
  • How many beasts are discussed in the bestiary included in Erstam's book?
    • 52
  • How many different types of reagents does Erstam write about?
    • 11
  • How many different types of reagents are required to cast the Mass Death spell?
    • 6
  • What is the number of times ginseng must be boiled before it becomes syrup?
    • 40
  • In what Circle of Magic does the Create Automata spell appear?
    • 6
  • For how many reasons did Erstam put down the history of the land in writing?
    • 1
  • People from how many cities chose to emigrate from Britannia to the Serpent Isle?
    • 4
  • How many cities were established in the Serpent Isle?
    • 3
  • How many forces, when combined, form the Principles of Balance?
    • 6
  • How many types of weapons are described in Erstam's book?
    • 4
  • How many letters in the name of the woman who made dine-fitting lambskin gloves?
    • 6
  • How many Words of Power are there?
    • 27

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