Ultima VII Part Two Map of Serpent Isle

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The Cloth Map
Included with Ultima VII Part Two was this cloth map, showing the Serpent Isle. This map takes more artistic licenses with the geography than seen with the map of Ultima VII, but is still very informative, even though it lacks details when it comes to the northern regions of the Serpent Isle. It is supposed to be the same map that the Avatar gets in the course of the game from the Fellowship cartographer Scots, with the same inaccurancies Scots warns the Avatar about.

The cloth map was only included in the American version of the game (the original release and the first release of the "The Complete Ultima VII" included it). Apart from some early releases in Europe, all other countries only had a paper map included with the game. The map stays the same, but the colors are somewhat paler on the paper map, with the greens more shifting into yellows.

The paper map can be seen below.

Additionally, the CD-only versions of The Complete Ultima VII had the map as a PDF. Surprisingly, the map is not in color, but instead in grainy black-and-white. This could be chalked up to the generally bad quality of the PDF format back in 1995, yet it does stick out. The map itself is a copy of the paper map, as can be seen at the visible folds.

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