Ultima VI: Special Edition

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The Ultima VI: Special Edition was a special version of Ultima VI only available by pre-order from Origin Systems in 1990.


This version came in a standard Ultima VI box, which was signed by Lord British and Denis Loubet.

It contained all material from the standard release of Ultima VI, with the addition of:

  • An Ultima VI Audio Tape
  • A special edition certificate congratulating the owner for pre-ordering Ultima VI.


The text of the certificate was as follows:

Congratulation, my worthy Avatar, for purchasing this special edition of Ultima VI: The False Prophet! It is my desire that your adventures in the land of Britannia be both challenging and rewarding. To assist you on your quest, I've personally included in this package the following special features not found in the standard edition.

My signature by my own hand, and that of my chief artist Denis Loubet.
A special audio recording in which I give you an exclusive inside look at the world of Ultima and my own adventure-filled experiences.
An Orb of the Moons gemstone, being of both high quality and exquisite beauty, selected by me personally.

And now for the adventure at hand! Take up the Way of Virtue and immense yourself in the universe that awaits you!

Lord British